Pvc Dog Kennels And Runs

In order for dogs to be healthy and feel comfortable in the cage then the kennels should be made widely and use quality materials. For large dogs Pvc Dog Kennels And Runs is the best choice for your dog. For a quality pvc dog kennel I recommend shopping at www.designer-kennels.com.

Designer-kennels.com are manufacturers of Plastic Dog Kennels, Dog Kennels, Runs and Catteries.

Designer Kennels is a family owned business, run by people who know everything about dogs. Back in 1980, when we were just breeders, we wanted dog kennels and runs that were easy to clean and not easily damaged by destructive animals. Looking around for a better material than wood we decided to try and construct a kennel from the plastic polyethylene for cleanliness and edging it with aluminium for strength. After making plastic dog kennels, we thought we might have stumbled on a product that offered security and hygiene and continued to develop our ideas.

Pvc Dog Kennels And Runs

After years of research and improvement, we felt our plastic dog kennels were good enough to market and in 1997 set up full-time production.

Today, Designer Kennels are not only the longest established but have grown to be the largest kennel manufacturers of outdoor housing for animals in Britain. Hundreds of our plastic dog kennels, catteries and stables are constantly used across the nation. Most of our orders come from previous customers re-ordering or from recommendations; testimony to the quality of our product. Our ongoing mission is to achieve a continuous improvement in quality and service in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Only when the customer is completely satisfied – are we satisfied.

All of our kennel designs and systems can be customised to suit your needs. We are always open to hearing your ideas and working with you to create your ideal unit.