Metal Dog Kennels And Runs

Metal Dog Kennels And Runs. Choosing the right size and style dog kennel and run is important for the contentment of your dog. Unless your dog is going to be an indoor dog, you will most likely want to build or buy outdoor housing, a kennel, for your dog.

Even if your dog is primarily an indoor dog, you may still want to have a kennel outdoors as there are times when you may want your dog outdoors such as when you have visitors who are allergic to dogs, or if you’ll be away all day and don’t want to leave your dog inside while you are gone.

Primary considerations when deciding on your dog kennel

The two main factors, when deciding on what type of dog kennel you need are:

  • The size of your yard
  • The size of your dog

The size of your yard: Obviously, if you do not have a large yard you wouldn’t want the entire yard taken up by a dog kennel and run. However, if you do have a decent sized yard, and your dog will be primarily an outdoor dog, it is best to at least provide a good sized run for your dog. A dog that is cooped up all day may become very bored. Bored dogs tend to have behavioral problems such as incessant barking, digging, whining or other destructive behavior. I have seen a dog tear apart their wooden dog kennel piece by piece when left tied up too long. (It was a Golden Retriever and they are notorious chewers!)

The size of your dog: It goes without saying that a smaller dog does not need a gigantic run. In fact, oftentimes smaller dogs are indoor dogs and in that case you would only need to build or buy a kennel, there would be no real need for a run.

The Kennel and Run

Metal Dog Kennels And Runs

The kennel is a house for your dog, where they can go in and find shelter from the weather (either the heat and sun, or the rain and cold) and safety and security. It should be large enough for your dog to turn around in, and to lay stretched out in comfortably. It should also be deep enough to provide shelter and safety. Ideally, it should be high enough for your dog to stand up in without him having to lower his head below his shoulders.

The kennel should be weather proof, and that any metal parts are rust proof

A run is attached to a kennel, and not always weatherproofed, often there is no ceiling to the run. They are usually, made from heavy mesh attached to the kennel. The floor of the run can be cemented although it doesn’t have to be. Of course, if your run is not cemented chances are that the ground will get muddy and the grass will die after some time. There’s also the possibility of your dog digging out under the mesh perimeter too, if your dog is a good digger. Cement floors are easier to clean, but you may want to cover it with a sealant as normal paint can peel and look ugly after a while.

Whatever you decide for your dog, remember that a happily housed dog is a content dog and content dogs generally behave much better than bored, or uncomfortably housed dogs. Don’t be afraid to invest well in your dog’s kennel and run, as the investment will pay off.

Susan Westingham, dog lover and owner, has had many years of experience in exhibiting dogs in Dog Shows and is an expert in dog obedience training. She has written numerous articles on dog care, dog training aids and obedience training. Read more information on the dog kennel and run