Evangers Blames Supplier Fda For Pentobarbital In Dog

FDA says beef suppliers are not registered Evanger’s hints at expanded recall Breaking news Evanger’s reveals presence of horse DNA in its Hunk of .

recalled Evangers dog food can Consumer complaints continue as the FDA digs deeper into operations at Evanger s pet food after discovering evidence that none of the company s meat suppliers are registered with USDA. Evanger s owners blamed their suppliers and the FDA in the wake of findings that . Though the Food and Drug Administration FDA bans pentobarbital in animal meat for animal or human consumption, pet food consumer advocate from the past recall lie with one single supplier that was solely identified and addressed over one year ago, and no longer has any connection to Evanger s.. The issue raises the question, how is any pentobarbital getting into pet food in the first place? Evanger s linked its product s contamination to a beef supplier and subsequently terminated the relationship. Gravy Train also said it traced its problem to a single source though the statement did not elaborate . According to Evanger s, tests appear to indicate that the pentobarbital came not from rendered dogs, cats, or cattle which are rarely euthanized the way pets The blame game. In publicity releases, Evanger s puts the blame squarely on its beef supplier. “The guilty party has turned out to be one of our most .

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