Do Flea Collars Work On Dogs

Flea control is never a simple endeavor. Dog bring fleas inside, where they lay eggs in the carpeting and furniture, anywhere your dog goes in the house. Consequently, real control is a matter of not only treating the dog but also the other environments the flea inhabits.

The yard can be sprayed, and in the house, sprays and flea bombs can be used, but there are more choices for the dog. Flea sprays are effective for one to two weeks. Dips applied to the dog’s coat following a bath have equal periods of effectiveness.

The disadvantage to both of these is that some dogs may have problems with the chemicals. Flea collars prevent the fleas from traveling to your dog’s head, where it is moister and more hospitable.

Dog owners tend to leave flea collars on their dogs long after they have ceased to be effective. Again, some dogs may have problems flea collars, and children should never be allowed to handle them.

Some owners opt for a product that works from the inside out. One such option is a pill prescribed by a veterinarian that you give to the dog on a regular basis. The chemicals in the pill course through the dog’s bloodstream, and when a flea bites, the blood kills the flea.

Another available option is a product that comes in a capsule form. The liquid in the capsule is applied near the dog’s shoulders, close to the skin, where it distributes into the skin, and coat to protect against fleas and ticks.

Ask your veterinarian about this non toxic, long lasting flea and tick preventive. The flea is a die hard pest.

How the Experts Do Flea Control For Their Dogs and Golden Retrievers

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