Diamond Hi Energy Dog Food

Diamond Hi Energy Dog Food. The amount of meat has fallen drastically in the last decade and was replaced by many lower-quality food companies as cheap and harmful to cereals and cereal products. Nutritionally depends on the way how each dog processes the nutrients contained in these products depend on the individual grains can be digested with the same ease.

The actual amount of nutrients your dog can get depends on the amount and type of loading agent in the mark that feeds a dog. Dogs can usually consume almost all carbohydrates in certain grains, such as white rice, but they can not digest many others like peanut shells.

Up to twenty percent of the nutritional value of other grains, such as oats, beans and wheat, may be poor or completely lost. The nutritional value of corn and potatoes is also much lower than that of rice. And some other ingredients that are used as fillers in dry foods such as peanut shells, cotton socks, feathers, etc. They have absolutely no nutritional value, and are only used to keep the dog food dry nuggets together or just to make your dog feel full. These fillers can be harmful to your dog, and yet there are many unscrupulous manufacturers who still use them.

As the grain is necessary to keep the nuggets of dry dog ​​food together, it should constitute at least 50% of the total ingredients. If you feed these foods every day, you could give them one hundred percent more grain than the dogs that normally eat or really need them in the wild.

If you check the labels of cheap dry foods, you will find two of the three above ingredients that are usually cereals species of … Ground corn, corn gluten meal, brewery, beet pulp, feathers and shells of cotton are some of the most commonly used. Why? Because these are much cheaper ingredients, “cheaper” than meat.

There was a major recovery of Nature’s 1995 recipe (thousands of tons of dry food were moved from the shelves), which meant that they lost close to twenty million dollars. All this happened when they were convinced that their dogs had vomited and had no appetite. It was discovered that a fungus that produced ermitoxin (a toxic substance produced by mold) had contaminated the wheat of this brand.

Although it causes vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, etc., vomiting is milder than most toxins. The most dangerous toxins can cause weight loss, liver damage, lameness and even death, as seen in Doane’s case. What happened next should make all hairdressers stop and ask what is happening with our so-called “guard dogs” in government agencies.

In 1999, another fungal toxin was found that killed 25 dogs. This caused the withdrawal of dry dog ​​food produced by Doane Pet Care (manufacturer of O’L Roy, registered trademark of Walmart, plus other 53 brands).

The incident with the recipe of nature led the FDA to participate due to concern, but only for the human population and not for the more than 250 dogs that were sick. It was concluded that the discovery of vomit in the recipe of nature did not represent a greater threat to the “human” population, because “the grain that would enter pet food does not have first quality grain.” What! Does that mean that manufacturers have the go-ahead to poison our dogs with poor quality or contaminated ingredients?

Dog food manufacturers also use soy protein as an energy source and add bulk to the feed so that a dog who eats a soy product feels more content. Some dogs are good with soy, others experience gas. They also use me as a protein source in vegetarian dog food.

Diamond Premium Recipe Complete and Balanced Dry Dog Food

Diamond pet foods

Diamond Hi Energy Dog Food are made with the highest quality ingredients and formulated to help your pet stay active and feel great. Every Diamond pet food formula contains carefully determined levels of protein, fat and other essential nutrients to support ideal body condition.

Along with antioxidants and fiber for digestive and immune system support, Diamond pet foods provide all the nutrients your pet needs, day after day. We believe every pet deserves the best nutrition. Through extensive research, proprietary technology and rigorous production standards, we work to ensure that when you buy Diamond, you can be confident your pet is getting safe, affordable nutrition of the highest quality.

This power-packed formula is specifically designed for highly active dogs that require extra energy for increased exertion. 20% fat and multiple high-quality protein sources provide the extra nutrition necessary to keep your dog in top condition during periods of performance.

  • Carefully determined levels of PROTEIN and fat to support an IDEAL BODY condition for your SPORTING dog
  • A premium food with 24% PROTEIN balanced with 20% fat to support increased exertion, with fiber to support DIGESTIVE HEALTH
  • ANTIOXIDANTS for the IMMUNE system; Omega fatty acids at guaranteed levels for HEALTHY SKIN and SHINY COAT
  • MADE in the USA choosing ingredients from TRUSTED, SUSTAINABLE sources around the world; We want this premium FOOD TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE for your pet.
  • FAMILY OWNED & run; Made with the most scientifically advanced protocols for food safety; Call with questions 800 442 0402


Large dogs often required a hugh fat diet to keep their oders down. This is an xlnt product and our police dog loves it.

My dogs do great on this food. They eat less than when I had them on another lesser brand, so I’m actually not paying any extra a month because this food cost more than the other. Bottom line, 50lb bag of food, delivered in 1-2 days, you can’t beat the shipping and the good food.

The qualitys not as good as the lamb and rice but it didn’t seem to bother his stomach, you get 10 more pounds and it is cheaper wich is a plus for me. You can always ad your own rice and veggies. Its fresher that way and better for him in my opinion. Plus if you you can get it deliverd to your house for free its even better. Gotta love pitbulls.